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The 4 roles of a team builder.

The team builder masters four roles: the storyteller, the flowmaker, the teacher and the student.
These 4 roles are woven through the entire team journey. It's a circle. You craft your storyline together, you make it flow, you learn and teach - and so the story unfolds.

Great teams make waves.

Everyone loves a story.

The untold stories.

Everyone has a story. How do you connect them all together in one clear shared story? Is everyone on the same page? Does everyone believe it, fit in and have a role to play? Can everyone tell the story?


Our approach is to awaken the storytelling in your team. Everyone has a story to tell and the art is to weave those together so everyone connects to the common mission. A shared story brings everyone on the same wavelength.

The power of a good story.

Through stories we relate, find meaning and commit. It has to be believable and align with all those involved. It needs to answer why, what, when, who and where. It needs to tell you what role everyone plays and especially why it is all worth it.

Put the pieces together again.

So your team is on a journey. 

What's the destination? How do you plan to get there? Where are you at? And are you having any fun?
We think of teams as being on a journey with a mission. There are destinations to get to, roads to get there, starting points and everything in between. This journey is your team story.

Make it flow.

To bring the story to life, it's time to make it happen - and flow. Team builders are flow makers. Leading a team is not about list making, it's about flow making. You keep it moving. Movement creates momentum that becomes self-sustaining. Learn how to make flow.


Flow is a smooth uninterrupted movement or progress or a state of mind in which a person becomes fully immersed in an activity. It is a magical feeling. Everything clicks. When the story is right, flow follows automatically.


If you experience resistance and difficulty instead of flow and fun, why would that be? Perhaps your team lacks clarity on the purpose, plan and progress. Your team needs to improve the story. 

Stories that flow make waves. Get ready to swim. 


Once you have a story, keep teaching. Your team needs guidance to stick to the storyline. It's a constant dialogue - not a monologue. Learn to ask questions, listen and also become a great story teller.

The ultimate team state: aligned autonomy.

From Clarity to Alignment.

Alignment happens when everyone is on the same wavelength. You achieve alignment through clarity on what your team is all about. The more clear things are, the more aligned you can be.

From Alignment to Aligned autonomy.

Alignment enables autonomy. This is when individual team members are able to work and contribute autonomously without needing supervision. The team story guides them. Their contribution becomes optimal as they utilize their own creativity to solve problems and fulfill work.

From Aligned autonomy to Synergy.

Once individual team members put their own talent to work aligned with the team's journey and story, you get synergy, when 1+1=3. It unlocks tremendous power and momentum. Great stories are unstoppable.

12 weeks to clarity

Take the Team Journey workshop to get to clarity in 12 weeks. 
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