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12 weeks to Clarity.

Designed for team players and team builders, the Team Journey will help you get your team to crystal clarity in 12 weeks and become a mission driven team. It is a hands-on program of 2 hours per week for 12 weeks to craft your team story, set course and apply it immediately. At the end of the 12 weeks, you will have helped your team integrate and organize - on a mission with a clear path to success.

The Team Journey Workshop

Learn from experience.

We believe learning is most impactful through experience and reflecting on your experiences. Therefore, we designed a 12 week intensive workshop format - letting you experience on the job during the week and have 2 hours per week to reflect and improve. 

Let's make a wave.

This workshop is facilited in Dutch or English. Sessions are online via video calls or a hybrid of online and location.

Schedule / Fee.

12 week program:​

Weekly sessions of 2 hours.​

Cost: 5410 USD per Journey. 

Want it more condensed or in another format? Contact us to discuss.

Lead Trainer/Consultant: Joost Wentink

I designed the Team Journey based on over 30 years of experience with building and leading teams. I've led teams in manufacturing, sales, marketing, product, education, health care, finance, tech and others. My background is in psychology, continuous improvement, lean manufactoring, training and development and technology. I've worked for and with small and large businesses including Inalfa Industries, KPN, ING, DAF Trucks, Thomson Reuters, Hyundai, Michelin, Fidelity, Scotia Bank, RBC, TD Bank, GHS and KPMG. I hold an MBA from Queens University.

The 7P's of a great team story.

Who doesn't love it when a plan comes together. Make it like going on a trip: it's exciting to go on a journey. You should know what you love to do, what the great destinations are, how to get there and who you want on your bus. The 7P's help you ask all the questions to put your team story together and plan your journey.

Passion: What excites us?

Passion is what gives you the energy to do what it takes to get where you want to go. It's what you love about your work - what makes work fun.

What excites and interests you and your team? Inventing technology? Helping people, animals or nature? Providing an outstanding service? Making something special? Is your personal passion aligned with the team and company passion?

Potential: What potential do we see?

Someone wants what you want - in this step you define who that is and what the need is.

What potential can you unlock in your world? What can be done better, different and new in or outside your organization? What's missing that you will address? What would unlock the potential you see? What is our outward perspective? What do you see that you want to do your way? What is your unique point of view? What insight or recipe do you have?  Who's need does it fulfill?

Purpose: Where are we going?

In this step you define your concrete destination: it's what you aim to make happen.

What is it you want to create and accomplish together? What will unlock the potential you are passionate about? What is the milestone you aim to get to?

Plan: How do we get there?

In this step you outline your plan together.

How do you make it happen? Which approach do you use? What works? What does not? What needs to be done, how, by whom, when? What structure, process, tools, resources, knowledge and methods do you need?

Progress: Where are we?

In this step you define what would help you stay on track and learn.

What is a meaningful and motivating way to keep track of the progress? The intent is not to control but to be informed as a way to gain feedback on the plan. Is the plan working? Do we need to improve or adjust? What do we need to learn next?

Pulse: Are we having fun?

Fun is the result of making progress, seeing the plan work for a cause you are passionate about. No fun means something is not right, such as no progress, purpose or passion. In this step you discuss how to check in with your team to ensure everyone is still enjoying the ride.

People: Who's on the team?

With all this clear, go out guns blazing. In other words: you are all in - full force and with lots of energy. Is everyone on board? What role do you play on your team and what role does each team member play? Is the role you play helping the team or not? Is the role another team member plays helping the team or not? Why? What are the obstacles and bottlenecks? How do you overcome them together? In this step your commitment to the team is solidified.

Hands-on results.

Together we will craft your team story, make flow, learn and teach. The result is clarity, alignment and momentum. It is collaborative consulting, learning and training combined.
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